Fraser Health - MyChart


MyChart is a new patient portal being piloted by Fraser Health. As well as providing access to personal health information and stats, MyChart surfaces relevant health information in an easy-to-digest format.

This kind of information—known as patient education material—is typically given out by health practitioners to patients or is available as leaflets or brochures in clinics and other facilities. The aim was to give patients 24/7 access to vital, relevant information about their health condition.

I worked with the internal development team to create and document the content strategy for the patient education section of the portal, and delivered processes and tools to enable them to create and manage MyChart patient education content on an ongoing basis. This included:

  • Creating a content strategy vision statement
  • Creating a content inventory of the patient education materials relevant to the pilot
  • Auditing patient education materials relevant to the pilot
  • Identifying the criteria for MyChart content
  • Recommending or creating processes, tools, and templates to plan for and create new patient education content or repurpose existing material
  • Creating a style guide for MyChart patient content
  • Creating a content creation workflow
  • Holding content discovery and pair-writing sessions with subject experts
  • Creating page templates for the content management system
  • Creating a suite of content materials for renal patients for the pilot launch

Documenting all of the above in a Content Strategy Document gave the Fraser Health team everything they need to roll-out content for other groups after the pilot.