2. How to focus content

What makes this story interesting? How do you make it relevant to your audience? What will keep them reading? 

All great questions to ask yourself when planning a piece of content.

From the point of a view of a writer, clarifying the aims and key elements of the piece in one, concise sentence is very helpful.

Marketing briefs can pack a lot in. A "focus sentence" helps the writer unpack it all.

I came across the concept of a focus sentence when reading Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel. Out on the Wire looks at how radio broadcasters and podcasters tell great stories.

In her Story Building series, Abel defines it as follows:

"It’s a format that allows you to slot in elements of the story in order to identify the essential question of the story."

It gets to the crux of what your story "is really about."

This isn't just for radio stories. Give it a try when planning your next piece of content. It's a simple but effective writing tool.