3. How to solve problems

Copywriting is basically solving problems with words.

Marketing copy helps people make purchase decisions. UX and other web copy helps website users navigate websites and complete tasks. More creative advertising copy still needs to be focused on solving a problem.

    Web writing in particular can feel like solving a puzzle for the audience. You piece together the various components—calls to action, headlines, marketing copy, help copy, product copy, etc—to help businesses communicate key messages and enable readers to understand and do things—all in as few words as possible.

    The key to solving problems with words is simple: research.

    Before your writer writes a single word, they need to fully understand:

    • The audience and their needs
    • The business and its needs
    • How the latter helps solve the former's problems

    There's no shortcut. Copywriting isn't just wordsmithing and making something sound good. If you want effective copy, try to build in enough time for the writer to immerse themselves in everything to do with your business and audience.

    Problems solved.