Conversion Copywriting

Conversion Copywriting

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Ensure your copy does what it needs to do at the pointy end of the sales funnel.

While all marketing copywriting is obviously persuasive writing, conversion copywriting shoulders some extra responsibility for converting interest into action. 

I take the "no shouting" approach, while still writing to your brand voice and using language your audience gets. 

  • Conversational not shouty
  • Concise—just what you need to say to generate action and no more
  • Benefits-focused
  • Respecting the customer's time
  • Being aware of any potential customer doubts or concerns
  • Making life easy for them
  • Including the right calls to action
  • Combining sales writing techniques with web and UX writing best practices

Relevant experience 

I've worked with a number of B2B and B2C companies, writing email suites and landing pages for webinars, product landing pages, ebook and white paper landing pages, and so on. 

I also teach Copywriting: Introduction at UBC Extended Learning.

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