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Online Store Copy

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Selling online for the first time? Ensure the copy for your Shopify, Wordpress, or other store is up to scratch.

If you're working on setting up or improving an online store, at the very least you need to pay attention to these things:

  • A clear value statement that succinctly communicates your value proposition, followed by an intro to your products or service—all focusing on the "why"
  • Concise, informative, audience-focused, product features and benefits
  • Clear calls to action
  • Maybe some short blog posts that give some insight into your business
  • Perhaps a newsletter to keep in touch with customers and leads
  • All of the above written in the right voice

If you're starting from scratch, I can also help you plan out your store content, including any associated content marketing, such as a blog or newsletter. 

    Relevant experience

    Most of my clients are selling something online, but specific Ecommerce clients range from Best Buy (I wrote their weekly product flyer for a while) at the larger end to smaller businesses like Caramba Furniture. More samples at:

    I also developed teach Copywriting: Introduction at UBC Extended Learning.

    Get started

    1. Drop me a line to discuss your project in advance and to get a rough estimate of hours (optional)
    2. Pre-purchase your desired service online
    3. Fill out the brief (also optional but helpful to do at some stage - try it here)