Jargon and Cliché Buster

Jargon and Cliché Buster

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Get rid of the jargon and clichés that confuse and annoy your readers. Replace it with plain, but still on-brand, language.

Jargon can be a bit like an inside joke. It excludes those not in-the-know. It can also intimidate and hide meaning. All of these things go against everything your copy is trying to do. 

Clichés are jargon's less pompous sibling, although some become jargon. Clichés like "innovative" or "transformative" might be easy to understand, but they're also so over-used they've lost their power. People just dismiss them as "buzzwords." Or worse, get irritated by them.

Cost is per page.

Relevant experience

Eliminating jargon and cliches goes hand-in-hand with writing in plain, crisp language your audience will understand—aka readability.  Here are a few recent website writing projects that have a fair bit of technical content but that keep jargon and cliches to the very minimum:

More at:

I also developed and teach Writing for Content Marketing at UBC Extended Learning, including how to write readable, jargon-free content.

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