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Make your web copy more readable and web-friendly—and ultimately more effective. 

Websites that don't follow web writing best practice are simply bad websites. There are a host of things that can make web copy less readable or even unreadable. Common problems include:

  • Unnecessarily wordy or "fluffy" copy
  • Confusing UX copy
  • Repetitive and irrelevant copy
  • Overlong words, sentences, and paragraphs
  • Jargon (see also my Jargon Buster service)
  • A lack of effective headlines and subheads
  • Inconsistent language and voice
  • Wrong reading grade level for the audience

The good news is a readability edit is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the effectiveness of your website overnight.

I'll review your site and suggest changes. I'll also document my edits to help you ensure it says readable by cutting out bad web writing habits. I can even do the edits in your CMS if needed.

Cost is per page.

Relevant experience 

I've written numerous websites—all of which follow web writing best practice and must be optimized for readability. Health orgs and governments in particular need to prioritize readability. I recently worked on the content strategy for a new Fraser Health patient portal, MyChart, which included creating clear, readable patient information. Other projects include an immunization information portal for NHS Health Scotland and immigration and employment websites for the BC and Albertan governments.

I also developed and teach Writing for Content Marketing at UBC Extended Learning, including how to write readable content.

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