Web Content Health Check

Web Content Health Check

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Get a full picture of your current content to help you plan for better future content. 

Eat slugs. Listen to Norwegian thrash metal. Watch Contagion during a global pandemic. All things you'd probably rather do than audit and review your website copy. A global pandemic is, however, as good time as any to make a start.

While your competitors are distracted while baking bread, hunting for toilet paper, and learning the tuba, you can steal a march on them by spring-cleaning your website, the first step of which is to audit and review your current content.

  • Document your current content in a comprehensive spreadsheet
  • Review the content in the context of your business and audience needs
  • Score your content
  • Identify content gaps
  • Get clear recommendations for improvements

What you get:

  • Spreadsheet inventory
  • Content scorecard
  • Recommendations document

Ask me if your website is larger than 150 pages.

Relevant experience 

A detailed content inventory and content review should be the first step in any web content strategy/planning process. It's also a good thing to do even if you're not revamping your website. Content strategy clients at:

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