An extension of your team.

Startled Moose started as a budget-friendly service for organizations and agencies in Vancouver and further afield that still need writing support while the economy and world is still a little squirrelly.

Who does the work?

I am a senior writer with over 20 years of experience, the last 15+ or so specializing in web writing, marketing copywriting, and web content strategy. More details and samples, etc:

Why Startled Moose?

Well, we all went a bit "moose caught in the headlights" back there for a while when this kicked off. Plus, my kids have always liked my startled moose impression. Or so I tell myself.

How does this work?

This is simply a quick way to buy writing services. I'm not expecting to take on many big projects while this corona-thingy hangs around so I packaged up some services at lower rates to help me keep in touch with work when I'm not getting bossed around by a toddler and pre-schooler 2-3 days/week.

In return, you get fast, high-quality work at reasonable prices with no haggling over hourly rates and fees.

We firm up the project details before or after you buy a service. Feel free to call me at 604.842.8979 or send an email.

Got more questions?


  • Copy: Senior level experience (15+ years) in web writing, marketing copywriting, and conversion copywriting. Several years of experience in UX writing. Some experience in advertising copywriting and video script-writing.
  • Content: Senior level experience (20+ years) in content writing.
  • Web content strategy: 12+ years planning and wrangling web content.
  • Copy editing: 10+ years as a print copy editor, web or print managing editor, or web copy editor.
  • Writing training: 5+ years developing and/or teaching online copywriting and content writing courses for UBC Extended Learning. Some experience training/mentoring internal writers for companies.